A bust picture of my fursona drawn by Kiaun.
They are topless with their back to the viewer, hugging themself and looking at the viewer over their shoulder.
Next to them is a logo that says 'Only Flanns'

About me

Yet another queer furry working in IT >:3

I'm in my late 20s, working as Linux Sysadmin / Tech Support, am from Germany and currently living in the Netherlands.

My native language is German but I'm fluent in English and beginner in Dutch, in English I use they / them pronouns but due to the lack of a neutral alternative that I like in both German and Dutch am stuck with male pronouns there.

My Sona is an European Red Squirrel by the name of Flann, meaning "red" in Gaelic. Creative, I know :P

Social Media

What does Sqx. mean?

tl;dr: Squeaks

It's a neohonorific I came up with for myself to give it a try after seeing discussion about the more widely spread Vx. (vixen, virus, villain) on Mastodon and other people coming up with their own (Hx. - Hex), and since I like the look of it I kept it around.

But why "squeaks" of all things?
Because squeak is an often used Onomatopoeia for the sound rodents make, and if we can have Vx. for vixens, why shouldn't we have Sqx. for squeakers?

Hosted services


I'm hosting my own instance of Nitter, an alternative Twitter frontent that allows to access Twitter with minimal JavaScript and no tracking, at nitter.squirrel.rocks.

I mainly use it as RSS feed of artists that I want to keep up with, who primarily use Twitter these days.


There are currently two Piwigo instances I host, one for my own photography and one for Kiaun, collecting all Wallpapers he has created.


I've been running my own homeserver for a few months now, at the moment it is mainly used by myself and as a bridge between a friends Discord and Telegram channels, in the future I probably also will set up some more community channels, but I'll post about that on Fedi when the time comes.

If you want some more info about my server you can have a look here.


I'm hosting a Mumble server here.

Since I do not have time to moderate it all the time it isn't public and requires a password to join, but if we talked before you are welcome to reach out for access.


I'm currently running all these out of pocket and am considering adding more, for which at some point I'll need a more powerful server. If you'd like to help me get there you can donate on Liberapay

Donate using Liberapay